Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our little chunky monkey

I've had so many people ask to see belly pictures and pics of Harrison's sonograms.  To be honest, I don't feel the best at the moment so showing off my big belly does not seem appropriate.  It somewhat freaks me out to see sonogram pics on social media but I feel comfortable with posting here because I hope to make a memory book out of my blog.

Kolby and I took our families to the 4D ultrasound on the day before Thanksgiving.  There were eight of us so we had quite the audience.  Harrison was very active that day and wanted to show out.  He smiled, pouted, frowned and snuggled up to the side of my stomach.  It was precious.  Watching him be so active and the learning what he looks like was quite freaky but SO much fun and worth it.  I know that it's cheating by seeing what he looks like but neither Kolby nor I can handle surprises so this was fun and special for all.  Here's a sneak peek of our little bundle.  We're already so in love with these little chubby cheeks and precious smile!

I can smile and look just like my mommy and granddaddy! ( My dad's name is still not determined)  I even have my mom's right cheek dimple.

I can open my eyes and see the world!

I have my mommy's nose!

I love to snuggle up to my mommy's tummy and with my hands constantly on my face.

Such a happy happy happy baby boy!

Sweet baby boy showing off his chubby cheeks!

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